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Blogging “HALAL” ke “HARAM” ? August 28, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — inan115 @ 7:11 am

Yesterday, my brother ask me “kenapa my header nampak atap ja?” and i tell him i just launch this blog and will learn to use to it from time to time, even he said that it was okay, thanks to him, but i still made changes , i change my header to a dawn view which is i took it last year…at the 3rd floor af fire dept.Quarters…and i hope it will be at least satisfied those who view this page (especially to my bro laaa…idun, kalau mo komen lagi, don’t worry U R INVITED with open arms..).and it excite me when i receive a few comment by sms from friends and family right after i told them bout this blog and another funny things yesterday was one of my brother sms me ” ada blog?nanti kena tangkap tau?” i told him this blog is the “halal”one, (aiyoo, jusli…absolutely u was thinking about the current situation, where all the bloggers slammed by government dan media lately, he may think that blog is something BAD!!!..excuse me bro!! this is millenium era!!update la sikit :)….) anyway,hoping that you guys keep visiting this site from time to time..thanks Guys!!!!

anyway, as a begginer i need somebody who can teach me how to be master in managing my blogsite…anybody please?????


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