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Hari Raya..& balik Kampung (Kisah 2 pasang kain batik..di hari raya) September 24, 2008

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Huaahhh…mengantuknya, semalam me and my friend (arnz) ke up town danau kota up to 3am….macam-macam ada…K.Arnz grab a newly design of sling bag cost only 35, and she’s satisfied with it, i think she’s just exicted because she’s going back to sabah tomorrow (25.9.08)…Have a Nice Journey…

Me my self, i didn’t buy much..only a scarf, purse untuk telefon and a pair of kain batik…haa..Kain Batik???? k.arnz didn’t believe her eyes when she saw me buy it, but like it or not..i have to, because i’m not going back to sabah for raya this year and  i’ve to celebrate it here…where i’m not able to wear track suit in house but only batik..huh! what a drama…honestly it make me bit uncomfortable because i can’t wear what make me comfort so definitely i’m not going to be comfortable with batik…aiyooo….but what can i do? half of me said it’s okay and half said it nope…:( …arghhh…why make small thing big? i wanna feel easy myself but..will i? 😦 : ( : (


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