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arghhh… October 8, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — inan115 @ 12:29 pm

adoi…geramnya..ingatkan lepas mkn ubat hope that i’m getting well but then it still the same either the medicine wont works or me myself wont accept the medicine…sometimes, in this situation like this i fell lack of self confident..due to my runny nose, the sneezing, the changing voices, the dizzy head, the teary eyes, the coughing…everything makes me feel un confident…and everytime i keep mumbling about all this theres come into my mind that i should be greatful for what i got because my body was going to build up my antibodi on the other hand…more stronger! so thats what i should accept ..theres always a good thing comes after bad things…realize or not it will always be like that…just everything depend on us either we want to accept on everything had happens or deny it…but honestly, i really can’t stand my runny nose by the way..i just can’t stand it..feels like i wanna pull out this nose clean it up the put it back again….and the coughing..if only i m not coughing…my life will be peace…huhu.. 😦


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