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MISS October 10, 2008

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last nite..i am dreaming of coming back to sabah and meet my family what i like was when meet my little niece, anis..she’s just a very charm kid with..when she’s speak, asks a question, sing, anything about her..i like her from the baby..she’s a bit naughty but she’s funny! My son just about 9 months ++ and he just learn his few words like beb (bird) fef (fish) his dad) and clapping his hands, stands up but no first step yet responds everytime we say “fiuyooo..” and he’ll goes screaming like “ahaha…” and many more…last nite, i showed him a flash cards of animal like rabbit, dog, cat and rooster..but seem that he only recognise rooster since he’ll see it around our kampung house everyday..and will say “beb” i don’t know what thats means actually but i guess he’s trying to tells that it’s a rooster…

till today i ‘m still thinking of going back to sabah earlier next yaer..i really hope i can…


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