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The End & The Beginning December 31, 2008

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Today, is 31.12 the ends of 2008, so it’s “wrapping” time ! for many,tomorrow is the new beginning of 2009 and the new “azam” (can somebody find me this words in english, pleasee..)..there’s a lot lot of “azam” every year, and the list was always marked as “done @ mission accomplish” OR “not done@mission unaccomplished”…As for me, new year is a new year..the year that we will be face ahead, the year that we will struggle our life into it,the year that will be another challenge in life to go, and the year which i will saw my son grow and grow…and maybe for another kids..(God Willing)..

There’s a lot lot lot thing happens to me this year..well, i may have to list it because it was really lots when i mean lots! as a mummy, as a wife, as an employer, as a friend (or best friend),as a women, as a human being and many more.. people may think differently but as a mummy, i always hope that i can be a good mother for my son, since i know that i just can’t be perfect for him, but as long as i do my role as a mummy, i think he will know & understand it someday or maybe he wouldn’t because as a boy he will never think and feel like girl do! .As a wife, i believe that there’s always the bitter and the sweeter in every marriage..sometimes i know i do more than what should i do but sometimes i wouldn’t, i realize that there’s time where  i get mad to my husband without strong reason but i also know how to get angry when i know  he not suppose to do & treat me that way. As an employer, i suppose to work hard or perform more better than before or sacrifice my time because of the workload i got but even I’d try my best to do it sometimes i can’t push myself doing something which i have to sacrifice my golden time with my family or just myself.As a friend / best friend..i surely know that all of my friends realize that i don’t have much time to spend with them like before, even for a phone call or just to SMS, i admit that i do ignore them sometimes or just away from them for a while, or forgotten to wish them on their birthday, or any best occasions they had but it never mean that i don’t love them anymore as we had before..but it just a tiny time which i need to be free, yet they are always be with me in my “Heart”, melt with me in my “mind” and swear to God that actually i never forget them because they are my friend and i just can’t forget them just like that!. As a women, i know i should be the real women, i have to be just strong or brave just for me, my life, and my everything to face any consequences that will be happen in future .And as a human being, i suppose to live my life proudly and happily ever…(huh, a deep sigh)..well, all the goods and bad, that’s all the ends of 2008…

And as for the beginning of 2009, i may face many thing ahead…good or bad,here and’s only the beginning…Hopes that all the beginning will bring all the greatness and goodness to our life in 2009….

Farewell to and

Welcome the…

May everyhting will be bless by Allah. Amen


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