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a bit to be shared January 5, 2009

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i suddenly remember a questions asks by a friend of mine…she know bout the existence of this blog before but never looked into it, then, one night we both we’re about to sleep then i send a message to her, not hoping that she will replied me on time then suddenly my phone “clicking” and it was from her, telling that she’s still awake and were surfing the internet, instead of asking her to add me on her facebook, i invite her to visit this blog just for a glance..then, i went to sleep afterward…

The next morning, i got her message asking me what is the meaning of “tunturu” …aha, and i realize that she’s not dusun and will not understand that word…

For Those :-

“TUNTURU” means : Finger in English or Jari in Dusunesse.

(or maybe there’s another complete explanations on the definition of the words, please allow me to know, thanx!)

tiny baby fingers....


2 Responses to “a bit to be shared”

  1. Lee Says:

    i also hv ask my hubby and he said tunturu is refer to the jari yang menunjuk it true?..

    • dida80 Says:

      think the true was ” jari” because if it is “jari yg menunjuk” it should be another words, it seem to be sound like ” menuduk”. hopefully helps!

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